Sunday, June 6, 2010

She's all tuckered out!

Roxie has had quite an eventful past few days! First, she managed to hurt her little leg jumping off the bed. Thankfully, after some extra TLC and a couple baby aspirin she was back to her continuous tail wagging and happy as could be :)

Then, today she got to go for a car ride! She loves going for a ride! You say the word and she can't get out the door and to the car fast enough.  However, I neglected to mention our destination because she does not always tolerate the vet's office as well as I would like her to. We pulled into the parking lot and she gave me one of her little, "Hey, you tricked me!" kind of looks. You know the one, those beautiful brown eyes sad as can be and her tail tucked under her bucket :( 

What she did next will probably never happen again and I must say I was one proud Mommy. She hopped right out of the car, walked nicely in to the vet's office without a single snarl or bark and hopped up on the scale. She waited her turn nicely in the jam packed lobby among all the other dogs and even several carriers with cats in them. She only sniffed one cat carrier and then sat down next to it. Once it was our turn they took us in to an exam room and I put Roxie up on the table. As the tech went to get the shot she needed, I attempted to muzzle her. Before I could get it adjusted properly, the vet came in, pinched her scruff up, gave her the shot and was out of the office before Roxie even knew what was going on!

I couldn't believe it! My sassy little dog behaved like a little lady the entire trip! Of course she was rewarded with her very own small vanilla shake, which she promptly gobbled in a not so lady-like fashion. HeHe :)

This is her getting ready for bed tonight after all of her adventures. Of course, even though it was a long day, she still  has to have her head on her pillow and the covers just right before she can finally lay down...

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